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Crystallising the latest scientific evidence on unlocking human potential. 


Created by Dr Suzy Green; a world leading Positive and Coaching Psychologist, POTENTIAL+ is our signature digital program, based on the latest scientific evidence on unlocking human potential.

Gain clarity on what's meaningful to you in work and life in this multi-modal 6-part course, based on Dr Suzy's 6M Model of Wellbeing and Peak Performance. If you are looking for ways to develop psychological capability, increase your wellbeing literacy and enhance mental health, vitality and resilience in work and life, POTENTIAL+ offers a complete psychological capability program.

Ideal for individuals, and also for organisations seeking a cost-effective way to scale psychological wellbeing training and development for all staff.

The program consists of six chapters of learning, through:
+ Video content
+ Lesson overviews
+ Challenges
+ Exercises
+ Additional resources

Those implementing and participating in POTENTIAL+ are able to experience enhanced levels of wellbeing
and psychological literacy, contributing to health living and a positive workplace culture.


Join Suzy and start increasing your levels of positivity, enhancing your performance today, or contact us for enterprise opportunities.



Develop a comprehensive, foundational  knowledge of effective evidence-based coaching skills.

As a leader in the fields of Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, Dr Suzy Green has developed this evidence-based, digital short course introducing trainees to the Foundations of Coaching Psychology. Perfect for exploring the integration of these complementary emerging fields, Suzy delivers 6 comprehensive modules that will add depth and scientific rigor to your coaching toolkit.

Elevate your coaching practice! Learn and apply the underpinning science of Coaching Psychology. In this short, digital course you will develop an introductory, comprehensive knowledge of the skills of effective evidence-based coaching.

After 10 years teaching in the Coaching Psychology unit at the University of Sydney, and another 10+ years educating and consulting globally, Suzy presents an amalgamation of her expertise in this newest ACADEMY+ course.

Suzy will thoroughly guide you through the:
- What and the Why of Coaching Psychology
- Research Base
- Key Theories and Approaches
- Tools and Techniques, and
- Professional Practice. 

Join Suzy and take your coaching practice to the next level now.

Download the course syllabus here.

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Some praise for our ACADEMY+ courses.

1. How did you hear about the Foundations of Coaching Psychology course and what industry are you in/what prompted you to participate?
I recently gained my registration as a psychologist. I work in both organisational psychology [and in] private practice. I love the idea of asking "what's right with you", rather than look at pathology/"what's wrong with you". After getting my masters in Psych, I'm unsure if I want to undergo more university studies, even in an interesting topic like Coaching Psychology.

2. How useful did you find the content and how might you apply it?
I found the content useful, and the reading list is something I need to carefully review to go deeper. I ended up buying the 'WeCoach' book (two volumes) as a result of this course, and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this additional coaching resource.

3. What were your key takeaways?
The reading list, and the value of several lecture-style modules from a true expert in the field.

4. Any other comments or could you offer any constructive feedback for future planning?
More quiz content, and I'm looking forward to being part of a community should there be others who undergo this course. Like the documentary, Making Australia Happy by Dr. Tony Grant, seeing an experimental-style or real-world coaching example or two would bring theoretical constructs and models to life.

 - Course Participant, 2023.

I found the Foundations of Coaching Psychology course to be a really comprehensive introduction to coaching psychology that covered all the main theories and key research, along with providing so many additional resources to access after the course to continue my learning journey. Highly recommend!

- Erika Hatfield, Founder & CEO, 2023.


View the Foundations of Coaching Psychology course syllabus.

On one hand, POTENTIAL+ has given me personally important tools to strengthen myself and develop my resilience further, as well as become more aware of my character strengths, values and vision. I can directly incorporate a lot of things into my work with clients and companies. These are really important topics to think about and discuss in order to feel more comfortable and, when discussed internally, also make transformation processes in organisations more successful.

 - Business Coach, Switzerland, 2022.

I went through the POTENTIAL+ program that you kindly donated and used parts of it for a PD session I developed on "mindful trauma informed lawyering'. Your material was acknowledged in the training. I found the Potential Plus course really inspiring and have started to emphasise some of the positive psychology principles and strengths into my other legal education work with communities.  We really appreciate the very generous donation of the course materials for RAILS (Refugee and Immigration Legal Service).

- Robert Lachowicz, Education Officer / Lawyer, 2022.

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